91% of the water in Karachi is unsafe to drink.

Through Project 91, we are looking to provide clean drinking water for 91 different locations across Karachi and Sindh.
Help us provide people with a basic right they desperately need.

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It’s a harsh reality – Pakistan is running out of water. And it won’t be long till we reach absolute water scarcity. Not only that, but even the water we have today is simply not safe to drink. What should be thought of as a right has unfortunately become more of a privilege for the few. And the consequences are brutal.

In collaboration with WWF-Pakistan, we have initiated Project 91, a programme to build or improve 91 water facilities that provide clean and safe drinking water across Karachi and Sindh. And with sustainable mechanisms in place for each of these facilities, we plan to provide clean water for generations to come.


Pakistan currently faces serious issues in both water scarcity and water purity. Between 1990 to 2015, water availability fell from 2,172 cubic metres per citizen to just 1,306 cubic metres per citizen. If this trend continues, Pakistan will run out of water by the year 2025, spelling disaster for the nation.

Titans Autographs and Memorabilia was founded on two principles: to bring inspiration to people and to enrich their lives. We believe that in finding ways to overcome these water-related issues, we can move towards fulfilling both these principles. Therefore, in collaboration with WWF-Pakistan, we have initiated Project 91, a programme to provide clean and safe drinking water to 91 different locations across Karachi and Sindh. Through this, we aim to help with the water scarcity and safety situations of the region in a way that will ensure clean water can be provided to villages and colonies for generations to come.

Depletion of Water

The water table has dropped by 50 feet in Islamabad since 1986 and more than 20 feet since 1993 in Lahore

Health Impacts of Water

A UNICEF study showed that 20-40% of hospitals beds in Pakistan are occupied by patients of water-related diseases

Water pollution

2,000 million gallons of sewage is discharged to surface water bodies in Pakistan

Water Scarcity

If trends continue, Pakistan will run out of water by the year 2025

Media Coverage



Titans Autographs & Memorabilia and the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) joined hands to hold the Titans Charity Gala ‘18 in conjunction with the PCB Awards on Wednesday 8th August, 2018 in Karachi.
While the shining stars of Pakistan cricket were honored for their outstanding contributions over the past year, the show also served as a platform for raising funds for various charities. In collaboration with Titans Autographs & Memorabilia, the Titans Charity Gala ’18 was conducted with great zeal.
Such charities included the Edhi Foundation, Shahid Afridi Foundation, and Project 91, a Titans project in collaboration with WWF-Pakistan, which aims to provide clean drinking water resources across 91 different locations in Pakistan.
Today, we stand here with two purposes in mind,’ said Yusuf Amanullah, President of Titans. ‘We are here to celebrate those who defied the odds, broke records and made history, our very own Pakistani national team. And also, we are here to create a legacy – one that is to serve humanity and help those who need it the most.’

The evening was filled with the movers & shakers of the Pakistani cricketing world. Former Chairman PCB, Mr. Najam Sethi, along with PCB officials, the current national team & retired players, including Shahid Afridi, were in attendance, as the evening kicked off with the PCB Awards ceremony followed by the Titans auction and ended with a memorable performance from Strings.
Faisal Edhi also thanked the PCB and Titans Autographs for their support for the Edhi Foundation. Overall, the Titans Charity Gala raised over PKR 4 million, all of which has been donated to charitable causes. A Shahid Afridi signed bat, as well as a bat used by Fakhar Zaman were the top items sold during the evening, as the auction held a vast range of special cricket items signed by international icons.
Furthermore, the PCB had a special award for Fakhar Zaman to honour his historical double-century against Zimbabwe, while Sarfraz Ahmed bagged the Imtiaz Ahmed Spirit of Cricket Award.
With this unforgettable evening, Titans not only hosted the first event of its kind in Karachi, but it also provided the foundation on which to build Project 91, as funds have been dedicated to kick-start the first phase of the initiative.

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